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Events listed in italics and grey are placeholders showing the planned dates for future Kingdom Events that have not yet been bid for. Items in red are overdue for bids.

RP indicates Their Royal Majesties will be at the Event:  = King  = Queen






March 2015

6-8 Gotvik
St Egon & Nordmark principality Tourney  
13-15 Polderslot
Party at the  Powderhouse  
14 West Dragonshire
20-22 Reengarda
The Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
20-22 Vielburgen
Rites of Spring CANCELLED  
20-22 Kingslake
Ostara Revels  
21 Thamesreach
Costuming Revel  
27-29 Gyllengran
Gyllengran Fencing Weekend  
27-29 Humalasalo
Fighting and Archery Camp

April 2015

4 College of Saint John of Rila
Bows and Blows  
10-12 Depedene Under Wychwood
Spring Crown Tournament
10-12 Styringheim (Sweden) Styringheims Gormuetfeast  
15-19 Knights Crossing
Known World Dance and Music Symposium  
17-19 Adamastor
(S Africa)
Here Be Dragons  
24-26 Miehonlinna
Suwiyöt XV Summer nights  
24-26 Knights Crossing

May 2015

1-3 Glen Rathlin
(N. Ireland)
Flaming Arrow 8  
8-17 Attemark
Double Wars
24-25 Drei Eichen
Epochenfest Jülich Cancelled  
29-31 Knights Crossing
Market Day at Baronial Investiture
29-31 Gyllengran
Väv-gille 2015  
29-1/6 Dun in Mara
Festival of Fools III  
30 Holmrike (Sweden) Majgreve 2015  
31-1/6 West Dragonshire
Templecombe Fair  

June 2015

6 Aros
Aros Pilgrimage 2015  
12-14 Klakavirki
Revel in the Midnight Sun  
25-28 Aros
Midsummer Coronation
26-28 Toronto
Known World Heraldic and Scribal

July 2015

2-5 Turmstadt
Summer Bash  
10-12 Glen Rathlin
(N Ireland)
Smouldering Arrow  
10-12 Reengarda
The return of the living dead, Skellitta 20 year  
10-19 Humalasalo
Cudgel War XIII  
11 Thamesreach
Thamesreach music and dance revel  
22-26 Meadowmarsh
Nibelungen Krieg  
31-9/8 Styringheim
Styringheim Medieval Week  
31-10/8 Mynydd Gwyn
Raglan Fair XI  

August 2015

01-09 Styringheim
Styringheim Medieval Week  
31/7-8 Mynydd Gwyn
Raglan Fair XI  

September 2015

3-7 Northshield
Known World Metal & Glass Symposium  
4-6 Dun in Mara
Champions of Lough Devnaree  
11-13 Thamesreach
Michaelmas Gathering  
11-13 Drei Eichen
Krieg der Träne II  
11-13 Poukka
Baronial Investiture of Aarnimetsä  
11-13 Örehus
JaktGille/Hunting Feast VIII  
24-27 Veer Förden
The Raid 1, Raid at Veer Förden  
25-27 Klakavirki

October 2015

2-4 Ad Flumen Caerulum
Parasol War II at Dies St. Mauritii  
10 West Dragonshire
Azincourt Event  
30-1/11 Hukka
Kekrijuhla I All Hallows Feast  

November 2015

 14  Midrealm
Known World Academy of the Rapier
Known World Costuming Symposium

December 2015

4-6 Flintheath
Yule Ball  

January 2016


Future Dates

For those forward thinkers - kingdom events not yet on the calendar ...

Event Preferred Date Region Bids Due No Bids
Autumn Crown Tournament 9-11 Oct 2015 Polderslot - 1
Kingdom University 6-8/13-15 Nov 2015 All Free to Bid Feb 2015 0
12th Night Coronation 8-10 Jan 2016 Insulae Draconis
Depene Under Wychwood
Mar 2015 Awarded
Rites of Spring 11-13 March 2016 Vielburgen