King & Queen The Heirs Landed Nobility Drachenwald Succession

William of Richwood

(Johan Kriström)

Isabetta del Verde

(Clara Brandkvist)

His Majesty is interested in
crafts, textile and other, taking part is more fun than watching
dancing, especially social dances
regional variation in sca traditions and practice
Her Majesty is interested in
all kinds of hands on A&S, especially textile
trying out new handicrafts
hanging out with new and old friends
His Majesty likes
Banners, flags and heraldic displays in general
Armour that looks like garb and/or historic armour
Her Majesty likes
seeing everyone help out at events
when people take time to get to know newcomers and make sure they feel welcome
His Majesty dislikes
flying home with wet armour/whatnot
being rushed off the field
Her Majesty dislikes
when participants in tournaments don’t show who died, even a beginner watching for the first time should be able to see who won and who didn’t
Please Feed His Majesty
food, beef jerky, cheese, bacon and mushrooms
Please Feed Her Majesty
chocolate and cookies and port wine
lots of fruits and vegetables
whatever is being served
To drink during the event His Majesty prefers
still water
most drinks
To drink during the event Her Majesty prefers
water and coke zero during the day
sparkling wine or cider with feast
new flavours and home made drinks especially if they are sweet
Please Do Not Feed His Majesty
lamb or mutton
broccoli or brussel sprouts
Please Do Not Feed Her Majesty
His Majesty has the following food restrictions
no food allergies
Her Majesty has the following food restrictions
no food allergies
For breakfast His Majesty prefers
Sandwiches or hot food
tea and/or water
For breakfast Her Majesty prefers
whatever is being served
tea and/or water
His Majesty would like events to feature
a schedule that has a bit of free time here and there
Her Majesty would like events to feature:
thrown weapons if there is time in her Majesty’s schedule

Their Royal Majesties' Progress




Royal Presence

June 2019

21 - 23 Polderslot (The Netherlands) Midsummer Coronation King & Queen

August 2019

02 - 11 Insulae Draconis (United Kingdom) Ffair Rhaglen XV King

October 2019

18 - 20 Thamesreach (United Kingdom) Autumn Crown King & Queen
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