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Payment Information: * The text “Payment information will be sent on receipt of
reservation” is OK.

I, as the seneschal, understand that my group MUST submit event financial reports to the Kingdom Exchequer (within four months with the group’s quarterly financial report): *

I, as the seneschal, understand that my group MUST keep track of the Non-members who attend my event: *
Special notes or comments: Additional information relevant to the scheduling of the event – e.g. “this is a demo as part of My Town’s summer festival”, “That shire have already given permission for this event to conflict” etc. Do not put event announcement information here

For the complete announcement there are a few more things that should be written in an complete announcement
Event announcements must include:
• The name (both Society and modern), phone and email address of the autocrat
• Street address of the site (if no address, you must mention that in the announcement)
• Starting/stopping time of the event
• Payment information (if there is a fee)

Corpora requires that an event be registered with the seneschal of the sponsoring branch, therefore, this form MUST be completed by the branch seneschal, not the event steward. Please check before requesting a date that there is no conflict with Kingdom events, or other events in your region. See <a href=”/content/planning-events”> the policies regarding date conflicts here.</a>. By requesting a date on the Kingdom Calendar, you are agreeing to make your event official for business. This means you are obliged to provide an event announcement for publication in the Dragon’s Tale (as well as submitting an event financial report and keeping track of non-members). See <a href=”/content/making-your-event-official”>making your event official for business</a> for all the requirements and <a href=”/content/event-announcement-guidelines”>event announcement guidelines</a> for how to write an announcement. Note that failure to provide the event announcement may prevent official business (e.g. awards, proclamation of laws etc) from taking place at your event

Any queries should be directed to This address should also be used for providing updates (e.g. a website if it isn’t ready at the time of the request). Do not rely on the Calendar Manager seeing announcements sent to the mailing lists or Facebook pages. If you do not receive a confirmation within 7 days, write to the email address above