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What's Happening at the Event

On the schedule you'll find a wide variety of activities including A Midsummer Behourdium, The Queen's Archery Tourney, a Bordello Night at the Tavern, a class on Beer as a Food Source and a Grand Ball.  Check the links below for more information. 

Overall Schedule

A list of all activities and classes is available on-line at http://dw20year.sched.org/.

All types of activities and information are listed, from meal times to classes to tourneys.  Activities are color coded into general categories so that attendees can easily find all meal information or activities related to armored combat. Many activities such as classes feature a description along with an activity sponsor or teacher profile.   Event staff in charge of activities are also listed.

Main Events

The current schedule includes a Period Music Concert, Beginner's Ball, Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition, Merchant Day, Grand Masque Ball, Bardic Circles, Theater Shows and a Grand Court.   A  full list of Main Events can be found here


Armored combat - Early Period Tourney, Brighthelm Tourney, Midnight Pas de Arms, Champions of Drachenwald Tourney, Beer Pit Tourney, Youth Tourney

                          **Histroic Pas de Arms - A Midsummer Behourdium**

Rapier  - Brighthelm Tourney, Albion Tourney, Dragon Steel Tourney, Academy of Defense Prize Fights

Archery - Royal Round, Portsmouth Shoot, IKAC and Junior's IKAC

Courts - Coronation Court, Grand Court, Curia

Parties - Bare-breasted Venetian - Courtesans Party, Bye-Bye Duarte Party

Tavern Revels - Drachenwald 100 Night, Bordello Night

Class Schedule - Finalized June 6, 2013 

A full list of classes can be found here.

For more details and to sign up for classes,  visit the DW20 Year website above.  To avoid disappointment please make note of the special requirements for each class, where applicable.  Some classes have limited numbers, some classes charge a small fee for materials, some require prior-booking with the Teacher and some are more than 1 hour long.  

Gentles should sign-up online to the limited Classes by creating a login on the DW 20 Year Schedule website at http://dw20year.sched.org/. This is easy to do and can be started by clicking on the Sign Up option in the top-right corner of the DW 20 Year schedule page.  To sign-up for a class, click on the Class to enter it, then click on 'Add to my Schedule' below the Class information.  Once a limited-number class has received the full complement of sign-ups, it will be listed as 'Full' and any further sign-ups will be added to a waiting List.  Only Classes with Limited numbers will have sign-up Sheets at the event.

Combat Classes:
  • 15th Century 2-handed Swordplay
  • Footwork: how to improve your balance and power and win more
Textile Classes:
  • Panel Q&A/Discussion on Weaving
  • Warping for Tablet-Weaving 101
  • 16th century Plaited Bobbin Lace
  • Fingerloop Braiding
  • Making a Ruff
  • Basic Embroidery Stitches
  • Not all Sheep are created Equal
  • Pretty Posament
  • Finger knitting for kids
  • Medieval Netting on a 13th Century example (Class in German)
  • Opus Anglicanum Embroidery
  • Who you gonna Caul?
  • Basics of Blackwork
Cookery/Brewing Classes:
  • How to Modify Medieval Recipes to Modern
  • Beer as a Food Source
  • But Pasta's not Period! A Hands-on Class on Period Pasta
  • Sugar as Sculpture - Subtleties to Delit
  • Barbarians at the Table - Dark Age Cookery
Calligraphy & Illumination Classes:
  • Scriptorium (dedicated space all day, everyday)
  • Period-Style Printed Materials - an SCA Primer
  • Improving your Calligraphy: Beyond the instruction Books
  • Making your own Ink
Casting/Jewellry Classes:
  • Italian Necklace Beading
  • Cast your own Bling!
  • The Black String as a Common Thread - European Jewellry 1450-1650
  • Anachronistic Silver Casting
Music & Dance Classes:
  • Ball Prep Dance Class (dedicated space everyday)
  • Choral Practice (repeated sessions)
  • Fun and Easy Dances
Other Classes:
  • May Break my Bones: Archaeology of Battles of Towton and Visby
  • Leather Mask-making Workshop
  • Medieval Puppetry