Twenty Years of Drachenwald

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Drachenwald's 20th Anniversary

A celebration of the Kingdom with the Castles!

June 19-23, 2013

Come and celebrate Midsummer Coronation and our Kingdom's 20th anniversary in comfort and style at the wonderful Ludwigstein Castle in Witzenhausen near the city of Göttingen, Germany. 

  • Tournaments and Meleés, both of armoured combat and defence.
  • Archery Prize shoots.
  • Balls, Masques and Mysteries.
  • Classes, workshops, displays and disputations.
  • Food, drink, music, men and merriment, wine, women and song!

And , of course, the Coronation of the 41st King and Queen of Drachenwald, with all the pomp and splendour that our Kingdom can afford!

Come and celebrate our history and make new tales to be told for the next twenty years!

Come one, Come all, to Drachenwald 20 Year.

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