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All residents and branches of Drachenwald send their heraldic submissions (names, armory) and pay the submission fees to Drachenwald College of Heralds.

Submissions heralds

Drachenwald heraldic submissions are handled by Edelweiss and Albion.

Edelweiss Herald

Internal submissions herald who submits Letters of Intent to the Drachenwald College of Heralds. Send this person your name and armory submissions, including resubmissions and appeals.

Albion Herald

External submissions herald who submits Letters of Intent to the SCA College of Arms. This person will notify you about the outcome of the submission process.

Submissions Information and Forms

Submissions forms

The current version of the submissions forms is Laurel v. 3.0; Drachenwald v1.1 (Laurel Approved 15 Apr 2014). All earlier versions of the forms are obsolete and no longer accepted.

Important note about printing forms: In your printer's Page Scaling options, choose None (vs. Fit to Paper, a common default for A4 paper). Make sure you print a 100% scale version of the PDF, to produce a form of the correct size. Tip: To confirm your print settings, measure the shield (on the device form). It should be exactly 5 x 6 inches (12.7x15.2 cm).

Permissions to conflict and heraldic wills

SCA College of Arms has letter templates for different kinds of permissions to conflict and heraldic wills on their FAQ page (scroll down to 'Letter Questions'.


When a group registers a branch name and branch arms, the name and armory submissions must be accompanied by a petition.