News From SCA Head Office Regarding the Lawsuit

Greetings to the Kingdom of Drachenwald.

A Webinar has just been held between the Board, Kingdom Crowns and Kingdom Exchequers. This was attended by Mistress Ariel of Lindisfarne, on behalf of Baron Pol, Kingdom Exchequer.

As I am sure many of you will remember, the SCA had to settle a lawsuit bought against it.  In order to cover the cost of that settlement, and cover legal fees, the SCA Inc requested that all North American Kingdoms make a financial contribution.  Although Drachenwald and Lochac were exempt, being outside of North America, both made voluntary contributions, which were very gratefully received.

The SCA also brought a counter lawsuit against one of their (now ex) insurance carriers.  Very unusually, the SCA won this case.  The details of the settlement are the subject of a non-disclosure agreement and may not be discussed.

The good news is - as a result of this settlement, the SCA is able to refund to all Kingdoms, approximately 2/3 of the money contributed by Kingdoms towards the legal costs. This refund shoud be made very soon.

In further news, SCA is developing policies regarding risk management for large-scale events (i.e. those with a budget greater than $75,000 or having more than 2,000 attendees). Although those won't necessarily apply to us (since our events are not to that scale), Drachenwald is actually already ahead of the game because we are already doing this for many events, where they are required by the sites.

The board thanked all the Kingdoms for their support during this difficult time and are very pleased that it is now all over.