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Latest News on Drachenwald 20 Year Celebration

Visit this page for the latest updates on the plans for Drachenwald's 20th Anniversary celebrations.

To keep up with news and discussions about the event, why not subscribe to the event mailing list - .  Membership is moderated to avoid bots, but you should get approved very soon.  To join the list, visit the webpage here

9 June 2013

Kitchen Staff Needed -  Help Out and Win in the Kitchen Raffle

Feeding over 400 20 Year Celebration attendees 3 times a day is a challenge!   Kitchen  help is needed to prepare ingredients and assist with kitchen tasks.  No cooking experience is necessary.  As an  extra incentive, a kitchen raffle has been organized.  For every hour you help out in the kitchen, you will receive an entry into the raffle drawing.  Multiple prizes will be available. You can sign up for kitchen help in advance, on-line at  

9 June 2013

Bardic Circle - Traditional, Filk and Folk Favorites

On Wednesday and Friday nights, gather round the main campfire to listen and sing a variety of favorite SCA songs in a traditional Bardic Circle.  For those good gentles not gifted with a encyclopedic memory, there will be a song booklet available with lyrics to many popular songs.  Lyrics for some period  and Drachenwald songs can be downloaded in advance here.  

9 June 2013

Beginners and Masque Ball Sets - Practice Steps On-Line

A set list for the 20 Year Celebration Grand Masque Ball is available. It features a combination of extremely simple dances and a few more complex pieces to please the more advanced dancers in attendance. The set list with links to many of the dance steps on-line can be downloaded here.  The dances with the asterisks will be danced/taught/walked through at the Beginner's Ball on Thursday.

6 June 2013

Class Schedule Finalized - Over 30 Different Classes Offered

A message from the Drachenwald 20 Year Class Co-ordinator

The Schedule of Classes and activities for 20-year is now finalised.  I would encourage everyone to go and take a look at it here - as there have been quite a few changes.

I have included a list of Classes below, but for more details, you will have to visit the DW20 Year website above.  To avoid disappointment please make note of the special requirements for each class, where applicable.  Some classes have limited numbers, some classes charge a small fee for materials, some require prior-booking with the Teacher and some are more than 1 hour long.  

I would strongly encourage people to sign-up online to the limited Classes by creating a login on the website. This is easy to do and can be started by clicking on the Sign Up option in the top-right corner of the DW 20 Year schedule page.  To sign-up for a class, click on the Class to enter it, then click on 'Add to my Schedule' below the Class information.  Once a limited-number class has received the full complement of sign-ups, it will be listed as 'Full' and any further sign-ups will be added to a waiting List.  Only Classes with Limited numbers will have sign-up Sheets at the event.

Final Class List

Combat Classes:

  • 15th Century 2-handed Swordplay
  • Footwork: how to improve your balance and power and win more

Textile Classes:

  • Panel Q&A/Discussion on Weaving
  • Warping for Tablet-Weaving 101
  • 16th century Plaited Bobbin Lace
  • Fingerloop Braiding
  • Making a Ruff
  • Basic Embroidery Stitches
  • Not all Sheep are created Equal
  • Pretty Posament
  • Finger knitting for kids
  • Medieval Netting on a 13th Century example (Class in German)
  • Opus Anglicanum Embroidery
  • Who you gonna Caul?
  • Basics of Blackwork

Cookery/Brewing Classes:

  • How to Modify Medieval Recipes to Modern
  • Beer as a Food Source
  • But Pasta's not Period! A Hands-on Class on Period Pasta
  • Sugar as Sculpture - Subtleties to Delit
  • Barbarians at the Table - Dark Age Cookery

Calligraphy & Illumination Classes:

  • Scriptorium (dedicated space all day, everyday)
  • Period-Style Printed Materials - an SCA Primer
  • Improving your Calligraphy: Beyond the instruction Books
  • Making your own Ink

Casting/Jewellry Classes:

  • Italian Necklace Beading
  • Cast your own Bling!
  • The Black String as a Common Thread - European Jewellry 1450-1650
  • Anachronistic Silver Casting

Music & Dance Classes:

  • Ball Prep Dance Class (dedicated space everyday)
  • Choral Practice (repeated sessions)
  • Fun and Easy Dances

Other Classes:

  • May Break my Bones: Archaeology of Battles of Towton and Visby
  • Leather Mask-making Workshop
  • Medieval Puppetry

My thanks to all the amazing Teachers who volunteered their time to make this event a festival of the knowledge and Skill of Drachenwald.

Class Co-ordinator, Drachenwald XX


1 June 2013

Drachenwald Choir to Perform at the 20 Year Celebration

The Drachenwald Choir will be performing during the Period Music Concert beginning at 8:30pm Friday evening, June 21st.   A choir practice is also scheduled for Thursday June 20th at 10:00am.  Music selections for the practice and performance can be downloaded for reveiw here.  

11 May 2013

Announcing A Midsummer Behourdium  

“Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!

Let all princes, lords, barons, knights, squires and men-at-arms of the marches of Nordmark, and Insulae Draconis, and Knights Crossing, Aarnimetsä, Styringheim the blessed, Gotvik, and Ad Fluemen Caerulum, Isengau and also Meadowmarsh, and Veerfoerden, and Polderslot and Alcazar, and also Adamstor and Griffinstor where the stars are strange, and the College of Saint John, and all others of whatever marches that are in this kingdom and all other Christian and Noble kingdoms, who are not banished or enemies of the King our lord, may God save, know that at the Drachenwald Twenty Year celebrations on the day after Midsummer being Saturday the twenty second of June, at Schloß Ludwigstein in Drachenwald, there will be a very great festival of arms and a very noble tourney with maces of one measure and rebated swords, appropriate armor, with crests, coats of arms covered with the arms of the noble tourneyers, as is the ancient custom;

Of which tourney the captains are the very noble and powerful princes and my very redoubted lords His Grace Duke Thorvaldr Skegglaus, appellant, and His Grace Duke Elffin O'Mona, defendant, being the first and fortieth Kings of Drachenwald.

And to make this better known, all princes, lords, barons, knights, squires and men-at-arms of the above marches, and others from whatsoever nations they are, not banished or enemies of the king, our lord, who wish to tourney to acquire honour, may carry little shields, so that everyone may know who are the tourneyers. And anyone can have them who wants. The little shields are marked with the signs of the two princely captains, appellant and defendant. And if anyone cannot get one of the little shields, or if he has no servant who can make one, he can wear instead a sprig of forest leaves. And this is in honour of the forests of Drachenwald.

And at the tourney there will be noble and rich prizes given by ladies and damsels. And the White Lady, whose name and countenance are secret, shall bestow her favour.

Moreover, I announce to all of you princes, lords, barons, knights, squires and men-at-arms who intend to participate in the tourney that you must come to the inns the day before the day of the tourney, and display your arms at the windows and your crests to the judges, on pain of not being allowed to participate; and this I tell you on behalf of my lords the judges, so please excuse me."

Athestan of Wortham

More information on this event including background on the tourney may be found here

23 April 2013

Greetings from the Prince and Princess of Drachenwald!

Word reaches us every day of the plans of grandeur for our Kingdom’s 20 Year Celebration and the Coronation of Ourselves. We are taken back by the efforts being put forth to make sure this grand event will go down in Drachenwald’s History.

  • We are told that scholars from all over these great lands are traveling to come and share their arts and their sciences with all who care to learn.
  • Cooks will gather in the Castle’s kitchens and fill our palates with good and wholesome food.
  • Musicians and singers will sing and play us songs of old, well into the night.
  • And Our warriors have come home from War and will compete in friendly Tournaments for honor and glory.

With all that has been already planned, there is still more that YOU can do to help make this event even more spectacular and all it takes is an e-mail.

Heraldic Tournament List Trees have been used, throughout history, to showcase the blazon and arms of fighters and help both fighters and populace know who is fighting that day and see progress throughout the competition.  They added pageantry and splendor to the day and our tournament fields will be no different.

The Twenty Year organizers and a group of artisans have stepped up to provide List Trees and have volunteered to paint the heraldic device of any person who plans to compete, in any tournament, at Our 20 Year Celebration.

So, if you will be competing in any marshaled activity at Twenty Years (be it Heavy Fighting, Fencing, or Archery), and want to take part in adding your own little touch to the Celebration and pageantry,

Then send the following information to:

-          your name

-          persona name

-         a blazon or picture of your arms (photo, sketch)

The artisan team will create a shield of your heraldry and you will be able to collect it when you arrive at Twenty Year, to use in the tournaments.  It will, then, be their gift to you for after the event you are welcomed to take it home and, perhaps, use it at future competitions.
We encourage all our able Fighters, Fencers, and Archers to take advantage of this generous offer and help make Drachenwald’s 20th Year Celebration everything we are all dreaming it will become.
In Service to the Dream

Sven & Siobhan

Prince & Princess of Drachenwald

10 April 2013

With just over 2 months to go until Drachenwald celebrates its 20th year as a kingdom, the Event Stewards have released a preliminary schedule.   A list of activities and classes is now available on-line at     

All types of activities and information are listed, from meal times to classes to tourneys.  Activities are color coded into general categories so that attendees can easily find all meal information or activities related to armored combat. Many activities such as classes feature a description along with an activity sponsor or teacher profile.   Event staff in charge of activities are also listed.  

The site allows you to view the different event activities according to time, venue and category.  You can register on the site and then create a personal calendar based on the activities you select.  Printing and many social media options are also available and the entire schedule is mobile device enabled.  

List your meeting or revel on the schedule   
If you or your group would like to have a meeting, specific activity or party that will be open to the public displayed on the schedule, please send the following information in an email to  .  Include the  activity name, date, starting time, end time, location, sponsor person's name and activity description.   If you need information on what venues or areas are available outside personal encampments, please email the event stewards at .  

More classes are welcome!  
If you have an idea for a class or would like more information about holding a class, please send an email to Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter at

The schedule will be updated regularly, so check back often to see what's new.  If you have questions about how to use the site, please see  Questions about the schedule can be sent via email to .  

18 September 2012

What an enthusiastic bunch you all are.  After only a few days, we have already filled all the beds available.  We are still taking bookings, but it will have to be for camping or staying offsite.

On which  note, we have added a new pricing option on the pricing page for people staying offsite.

15 September 2012

The proper reservations form is now up and running and the reservations are flooding in.  Don't forget to go and get yours registered.

The Event Fees and Reservations page has been updated to include the meal prices.

Progress Report 2 is now available and has been emailed to the members of the DW20 mailing list. Don't forget to join the list to keep up to date with news and stuff.

15 February 2012

Drachenwald 20-Year website launched.

Download Progress Report 1 Now (PDF).  Progress Reports will be issued at regular(ish) intervals, giving more news on how plans for the event are developing.







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