Dragon's Den Goes Online...

Dragon's Den merchandise is now available to order online.  The items on offer include embroidered badges for the Kingdom, the Order of the Panache and the Orden des Lindquistringes, Drachenwald hoods and Lindquistringes rings.  This is for the purchase of merchandise only.  As yet, we have not managed to implement an online version of Crowns and Anchors.

The Dragon's Den raises funds by providing games at events.  The funds go towards Kingdom projects.  Since opening, the Dragon's Den has paid for new coronets for the Crown Prince & Princess, sent peers to the shires in South Africa, supported sending marshals from Insulae Draconis to Klakavirki, provided order regalia for the Crown, provided supplies for the scribal office and various other projects.

Merchandise may be ordered from the Dragon's Den Online Shop.  Any questions should be sent to Mistress Jaelle at