About Their Royal Majesties

Their Royal Majesties
King and Queen of Drachenwald

Prothall & Cecilia

Prothall Wolfbane

(Ove Åberg)


Cecilia Jonsdotter

(Marie Åberg)

Prince Prothall ArmsArgent, a wolf's head erased contourney sable gorged of a ducal coronet Or all within a bordure vert platy   Princess Cecelia armsPer bend sinister azure and argent, two caltrops counterchanged argent and gules

His Royal Majesty is interested in:

Armour making

His Royal Majesty likes:

Fresh fruit and vegetables
Ale & Pale Ale

His Royal Majesty dislikes:


His Royal Majesty has the following  food restrictions:

Fish & Crustaceans

His Royal Majesty would like events to feature:


Her Royal Majesty is interested in:

Tablet Weaving

Her Royal Majesty likes:

The song "Born on the Listfield"
Fresh fruit and vegetables
Happy people

Her Royal Majesty dislikes:


Her Royal Majesty has the following food restrictions:

Celery (not allergic)

Her Royal Majesty would like events to feature:

Their Royal Majesty's Progress
RP = Royal Presence - = King = Queen
Events in Italics are yet to be confirmed





3-5 Jan 2014 Attemark 12th Night Coronation
7-9 Feb 2014 Depedene Under Wychwood Insulae Draconis Coronet Tournament
21-23 Feb 2014 Unikankare Midwinter Feast
28 Feb-2 Mar Knights Crossing Feast of Fools
9-16 Mar 2014 Out of Kingdom Gulf Wars
4-6 Apr 2014 Polderslot Spring Crown Tournament
25-27 Apr 2014 Turmstadt Arts in April
May 10-11 2014 Drei Eichen SCA at the Role Playing Convention
May 23-Jun 1 Attemark Double Wars
June 6-9 2014 Knights Crossing Epochenfest 2014
June 13-15 Deepdene Under Wychwood Summer Coronation
Their Royal Majesty's Household
Chamberlain Countess Judith de Northumbria  "
Head Lady in Waiting ID:Her Grace Duchess Alessandra Melusine,
Nordmark: Lady Ragnhild Leifsdottir,
(Deputy: Lady Contzel Sybenbergerin)
Aarnimetsa: Lady Izabella del Cacco,
Queens Travel Companion Mistress Bridget Greywolf
Captain of Queen's Guard Lord Rudgar the Blackened,
King's Black Dragon Guard Lady Margaretha von Rückingen, Lord Joel ben Stuart
Queen's Guard Lord Rudolphus Heydenreich, Lord Franck vom Berg
Kings Champion Sir Nasr Ibn Isa
Queens Heavy Champion Lord Bjare af Lännamo
Queens Fencing Champion Viscountess Jacquelyna de Bellmont
Queen's Archery Champion
Lord Helgi Eyolfr