About Their Majesties Vitus & Isabel

Their Royal Majesties
King and Queen of Drachenwald

Vitus Polonius

(Rene Vestfjörd)


Isabel Peregrinus

(Helena Vestfjörd)


About Vitus Polonius

His Royal Majesty was born a younger son of a Polish nobleman. Looking for his lot in life, he became involved in the founding of a city militia, but had to make a swift departure shortly afterwards following a dispute concerning taxes. On his way West from Poland he met part of Frederick I Barbarossa's host on their way to the Holy Land. Since the pay on offer was not bad, he signed up. Misfortune struck when the Emperor drowned in the Saleph river, but five thousand of his men reached Acre, Vitus among them. There, Vitus joined up with the forces of Richard Lionheart, since the pay on offer still was not bad. He saw the walls of Jerusalem and fought many battles in Outremer. He left on one of the last ships to Italy, and from there continued to England. Eventually, he made a small fortune and acquired an estate that allowed him to be knighted. He lives on the Downs in one of his estates, overseeing his large household. 

His Royal Majesty is interested in:

 Period fencing, cooking, woodwork, history of the Crusades

His Royal Majesty likes:

 Board games; medieval music, literature and visual art

His Royal Majesty dislikes:

 Modern mundane items visible at events

Please feed His Royal Majesty:

 Large chunks of meat, marzipan, bread, all kinds of 15th century Italian food.

Please do not feed His Royal Majesty:


His Royal Majesty would like events to feature:

Dancing; bardic performances and especially entertainment during feasts; feasts early in the day (finished by 19:30) so that Their Majesties and Their children can spend time with the people); modern mundane items (including plastic bottles, boxes and wrappings) being kept out of sight at all times.


About Isabel Peregrinus

Her Royal Majesty is the daughter of a Northern Italian nobleman. In the manner of the Known World, the tangling streams of time mean that her time of origin is the late fourteenth - early part of the fifteenth century. She met Vitus when he was on his way back from Palestine, passing through Italy, and they fell deeply in love. She is fond of travelling, and is often seen wearing the quaint dress of the Northern Europeans.

Her Royal Majesty is interested in:


Her Royal Majesty likes:

Talking and socialising, filk

Her Royal Majesty dislikes:

Misspellings of Her name

Please feed Her Royal Majesty:

Plain hearty Northern European style food with all sauces on the side; honey butter; desserts and other sweet things

Please do not feed Her Royal Majesty:

Mustard, rosemary, marzipan

Her Royal Majesty has the following food restrictions:

All alliums (onions, leek, garlic, saffron, shallot, chives etc, including lilies as room decoration). Please pay attention to pre-bought condiments etc because many contain alliums. Her Majesty prefers fewer safe dishes than many confusing or potentially harmful dishes.

Her Royal Majesty would like events to feature:

Downtime to spend among Her people; children being involved in activities and having things to do.

Their Royal Majesty's Progress
RP = Royal Presence - K = King Q = Queen





July 2018

6-8 Aarnimetsä (Finland) Collegium of Defence/Cudgel War K&Q
6-15 Aarnimetsä (Finland) Cudgel War Q
13-15 West Dragonshire (England) Winchester Pilgrimage K
21 Mynydd Gwyn (Wales) St. James Jamboree K
27-  Æthelmearc (USA) Pennsic War Q

August 2018

-5 Æthelmearc (USA) Pennsic War Q
4-12 Insulae Draconis (Wales) Ffair Rhaglen K
6-12 Insulae Draconis (Wales) Ffair Rhaglen Q

September 2018

14-16 Dun in Mara (Ireland) Champions of Lough Devnaree K
28-30 Thamesreach (England) Michaelmas K&Q

October 2018

12-14 Knights Crossing (Germany) Autumn Crown K&Q
19-21 Hukka (Finland) Kekri - All Hallows Feast VIII K

November 2018

2-4 Eplaheimr (Ireland) Yuletide University Q
9-11 Depedene-under-Wychwood (England) Kingdom University K&Q
16-18 Baggeholm (Sweden) Novemberfeast & Vigil K
Their Royal Majesty's Household
Lady Agnès des Illes Principal Secretary, King’s Champion
Lord Mícheál of Dun In Mara Secretary
Lady Sela de la Rosa Secretary
Master Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne King's Confessor
Duke Elffin O’Mona Queen's Champion
Master Pól Ó Brien Queen's Rapier Champion
Lady Catlin le mareschale King's Rapier Champion
Lord Jasper Rose Captain of the Queen's Guard
Lord Art of the Tower Queen's Guard
Lord Aodh Ó Siadhail Royal Victualler