About Their Majesties

Their Royal Majesties

King and Queen of Drachenwald


(Johan Kriström)



(Clara Brandkvist)

His Royal Majesty is interested in:

crafts, textile and other, taking part is more fun than watching


dancing, especially social dances


Her Royal Majesty is interested in:

all kinds of hands on A&S, especially textile

trying out new handicrafts

His Royal Majesty likes:

Banners, flags and heraldic displays in general

Armour that looks like garb and/or historic armour


Her Royal Majesty likes:

seeing everyone help out at events

when people take time to get to know newcomers and make sure they feel welcome

His Royal Majesty dislikes:

flying home with wet armour/whatnot

being rushed off the field


Her Royal Majesty dislikes:

when participants in tournaments don’t show who died, even a beginner watching for the first time should be able to see who won and who lost

Please Feed His Majesty:

food, beef jerky, cheese, bacon and mushrooms


Please Feed Her Majesty:

chocolate and cookies and port wine

lots of fruits and vegetables


whatever is being served

To drink during the event His Majesty prefers:

still water


most drinks


To drink during the event Her Majesty prefers:

water and coke zero during the day

sparkling wine or cider with feast

new flavours and home made drinks especially if they are sweet

Please Do Not Feed His Majesty:

lamb or mutton

broccoli or brussel sprouts


Please Do Not Feed Her Majesty:




His Royal Majesty would like events to feature:

a schedule that has a bit of free time here and there


Her Royal Majesty would like events to feature:

thrown weapons if there is time in her majesty’s schedule (since she is the only authorized thrown weapons marshal in Drachenwald and should therefore be present on the range when throwing takes place)


Royal Household

Black Dragon Guard Lady Fenja Benbryte
King's Armoured Champion Duke Lief Wolfsonne
Queen's Armoured Champion Sir Oliver of Harjuvalkea
Queen's Fencing Champion Master Pietari Pentinpoika Uv
Their Royal Majesty's Progress
RP = Royal Presence - = King = Queen





January 2017

06-08 Miehonlinna
12th Night Coronation  

February 2017

03-05 Nordmark
Nordmarks Ämbetamannahelg  
10-12 Gyllengran
Fencing Event  
17-19 Eplamheimr
Coronet of Love
21-27 Atenveld
Estrella War

March 2017

03-05 Meadowmarsh
Boot Camp
17-19 Gotvik
Celebration of St Egon  
31-02 Gyllengran
Spring Crown Tournament  

April 2017

28-01 Adamastor
(South Africa)
Here be Dragons  

May 2017

19-28 Attemark
Double Wars XXX  

June 2017

16-18 Dun in Mara
Summer Coronation