About Their Majesties

Their Royal Majesties

King Siridean and Queen Jahanara of Drachenwald


Pronounced Share - eh - done

(Sheridon Glenn)



Pronounced Ya - ha - nar - ah

(Erica Jones)

Siridean has been in the SCA for over 20 years and lived and traveled in multiple Kingdoms.  He has been in Drachenwald for almost 4 years and lives in the Shire of Thamesreach in the Principality of Insula Draconis. Siridean’s persona ranges from Anglo-Viking to Anglo-Saxon to Anglo-Norman (Current personal focus), but this reign will be 7th century Rus-Viking / Persian.   Jahanara has a 7th C Persian persona. Over the last 22 years spent in the Society, Jahanara has focused Her interests on weaving, but loves all the fibre arts. Jahanara began weaving tablet bands. Her time in Drachenwald has seen Her expand Her weaving interests to cloth for accessories and clothing. Most recently Jahanara has learned to weave damask, taquete, and samitum, a speciality of 7th C Persian weavers.

His Majesty would like events to feature:

As many people as possible in attendance and would like all Events to be listed on the Kingdom Calendar, with a link to an event webpage.  He understands bookings for feast are important for planning, but in order to maximize attendance opportunities Siridean would like to see booking options that do not include feast but still allow people to attend the event.  The more the merrier!


Her Majesty would like events to feature:

Arts and Sciences displays

Archery with an audience

At events, His Majesty is interested in:

Martial Arts


Bardic Arts

Trying to make sure folks have a good time!


At events, Her Majesty is interested in:

All the fibre arts, especially spinning and weaving

Arts and Sciences displays

Opportunities to improve Her naalbinding skills.

At meals and feast, His Majesty likes: 

Most food and enjoys trying local foods and dishes. Most food is acceptable but this is not a challenge to find something He does not like. 


At meals and feast, Her Majesty likes:

Fruit - Apples, Cherries, Cantaloupe, Peaches, Strawberries

To drink during an event His Majesty prefers:

Still water


Scotch/whisky, beer and red wine    (though Siridean is not a fan of dry wine)


To drink during an event Her Majesty prefers:


Sweet ciders, mead, wine, etc.

Food dislikes and restrictions for His Majesty: 

Siridean is not able to eat any sweet meats (liver, heart, etc.) 


Food dislikes and restrictions for Her Majesty: 


Green Peppers

Her Majesty has a sensitivity to dairy, which She can consume only in small amounts.  Should it be convenient and easy for Feast crews to acquire Her preferred substitute - unsweetened almond milk - then HerMajesty  would greatly appreciate it. However She does not wish hardworking event staff to go to any great efforts on Her behalf in this matter.

Royal Household

Black Dragon Guard Honorable Lord Duncan Kerr
Castle Lord
Lord Eldgrimr Jonsson
Chamberlain Mistress Margaret de Mey
Concillor Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter
King's Champion Viscount Richard the Rampant
Master of Ceremonies
Viscount Alexandre Lerot d'Avignon
Queen's Champion
Master Robert of Canterbury
Queen's Armored Champion Lady Agnès des Illes
Queen's Rapier Champion Lady Chiudka
Royal Wardrobe
Mistress Rogned Steingrimnovna
Duchess Fiona Wiggins
Head Ladies in Waiting                     
Aarnimetsä Baroness Rikissa Apilgaard (Previous: Baroness Mór inghean Bhriain)
Central Region Lady Ava van Allecmere
Insulae Draconis (Isles) Viscountess Caitriona of the Ravens
Insulae Draconis Honorable Lady Edith of Hedingham
Nordmark Countess Agnes Edgren

Their Royal Majesty's Progress

RP = Royal Presence - = King = Queen





June 2017

16-18 Dun in Mara
Summer Coronation  

July 2017

14-23 Humalasalo
Cudgel War XV

August 2017

04-14 Insulae Draconis
Ffair Rhaglen XIII
25-27 Poukka
Baronial Investiture of Aarnimetsä  

September 2017

08-10 Thamesreach
Michaelmas III   

October 2017

20-22 Poukka
Autumn Crown Tournament   

November 2017

10-12 Polderslot
Kingdom University  
17-19 Pont Alarch
Insulae Draconis Coronet Tourney  

December 2017

 01-03 Flintheath
Flintheath Yule Ball   

January 2018

 05-07  Ad Flumen Caerulum
12th Night Coronation   

Personal Arms