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So, who is doing all the work?  Who should I contact about travel arrangements, giving a class, my food intolerances etc?  Here is where you find out.

If you would like to be a part of the event team, helping to plan or run the event, or you are willing to present a class, hold a workshop etc, please contact us.

To contact the event team, email

Event Stewards

Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzeburg
Pan Vitus Polonious

Reservations Steward

Meisterinne Eleanora von Ratzeburg

Food Coordinator

Lady Mechthild Quattermat

Class Coordinator

Mistress Melisende Fitzwalter


Armored combat - Earl Paul de Gory

Fencing - Prince Eirik Hårfagre

Archery - Baroness Caitriona O'Brien

Listfield Coordinator - HRH Sven Gunnarson 

Waterbearing Cordinator - Princess Isabel Peregrinus

Children's Activity Coordinator

Lady Ælfwynne of Eoforwic

Camping Coordinator

Lord Heinrich vom Hohen Ufer

Chief Herald

Vicountess Genevieve la flechiere, OP

Royal Liaison

Baroness Margaret de Mey

Head Steward of the Hall

Lord Nandolf von Biuira

Taven Landlord

Baron Agilmar von Sevelingen

Decorations Coordinator

HRH Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin

Dance Coordinators

Countess Judith de Northumbria, OL

Vicountess Susannah of York


Master Raphe Cuthbert