Drachenwald's Twentieth Anniversary

Twenty Years of Drachenwald

Well, not quite.  But, come Summer Coronation 2013, it will be twenty, yes, twenty years since Drachenwald became a kingdom, which merits a very special event, in a medieval castle

Drachenwald Has Heirs to the Throne

Congratulations to Paul de Gorey & Aryanhwy merch Catmael who stand ready to ascend the Black Dragon Throne come Midsummer Coronation.

It was a well-fought tournament and Master Paul defeated Viscount William of Richwood in a best of five contest in the final.

Vivant to Paul and Aryanhwy, and to all the combatants and their consorts.

Learn more about the heirs here...

Important Announcement - SCA Corporate Settlement

SCA Inc. has reached a settlement in the long outstanding court case.  See here for more details.

VIVAT! To the new Baron and Baroness of Knights Crossing

At the Nibelungen War, King Leif and Queen Morrigan presided over the investiture of Baron Gottfried and Baroness Magdelena.  After which a number of Shires came forward to swear fealty to their Excellencies, thus expanding the Barony of Knights Crossing.

VIVAT! To Sir Thorvaldr Skeglaus

Congratulations to Sir Thorvaldr Skeglaus, the newest member of the Order of the Chivalry.  By the hand of King Leif and Queen Morrigan, Thorvaldr was elevated at the Nibelungen War.  May he be a shining example of chivalry for those to follow.

VIVAT! To Baron Alexander Gustav von Hardtwald

At the Nibelungen War, King Leif and Queen Morrigan bestowed upon Alexander Gustav von Hardtwald a court Barony for his exemplary service to the kingdom.  Congratulations!

VIVAT! To Master Raphe Cuthbert

Congratulations to our very own webminister of Drachenwald's web page.  Raphe Cuthbert is now a Master in the Order of the Pelican. The honour was bestowed upon this good gentle during Summer Coronation by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.

VIVAT! To the new King and Queen of Drachenwald!

With the abdication of Vitus Polonius and Eleanora von Ratzeburg, their heirs have ascended to the throne.  May His Royal Majesty Leif Wulfsson and Her Royal Majesty Morrigan nic Temair continue to lead Drachenwald toward a glorius future.  VIVAT! VIVAT!! VIVAT!!!

VIVAT! To Le Chevalier Armand d'Alsace, KSCA

Let us welcome the other new member of the circle of Knights, Le Chevalier Armand d'Alsace.  He was elevated to this chivalrous order at Double Wars 2011, by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.  Formerly known as Viscount Arngrim, may he continue to be a leader and teacher in his new role and with his new name.   VIVAT!

VIVAT! To Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz, OL

Let us welcome the newest member of the Order of the Laurel, Mistress Katheryn Hebenstreitz.  Se was elevated to this talented order at Double Wars 2011, by King Vitus and Queen Eleanora.  May she continue to teach and lead others down the path of Arts & Sciences in her newly recognized role as a Laurel.  VIVAT!

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