Kingdom Seneschal seeks Deputy


There currently exists an exciting job opportunity within the seneschallate. I am currently looking for someone to take the position of deputy, with an aim of taking over from me at 20 year. The office of Seneschal is a very rewarding office and requires an average of six hours a week to keep things running smoothly. If you are interested in learning more about the role, please drop me a line. The closing date for applications is December 1st.


Update to Kingdom Law

Greetings unto the Populace
Kingdom Law has been updated, go check it out!

About Their Highnesses...

Learn all about the Heirs to the Black Dragon Throne, their likes and dislikes, their food preferences, and, most importantly, what events They will be attending, both as Heirs and after Their coronation.

Royalty In South Africa

Her Majesty's progress will now include a visit to the Shire of Adamastor in South Africa to their Yule event on December 8th.

Vivant to the heirs to the Black Dragon Throne

News from Crown Tourney Thorvaldr Skeglauss, inspired by Tofa in Glaða, stood victorious on the field.

Vivat to Sir Lief

Congratulations to Sir Lief Wolfsson, the newest member of the Order of the Chivalry. Jarl Lief was elevated by the hand of King Paul and Queen Aryanhwy at Crown Tourney before fighting his way to the finals.  May he be a shining example of chivalry for those to follow.

Vivat to Master Gottfried Killianus

Congratulations to Knights Crossing's Baron. Gottfried Killianus is now a Master in the Order of the Laurel. The honour was bestowed upon him at Crown Tourney by King Paul  and Queen Aryanhwy.

Vivat to Baron Barobrand Hissgant

At Crown Tourney, King Paul and Queen Aryanhwy bestowed upon Barobrand Hissgant a court Barony for his exemplary service to the kingdom.  Congratulations!

Website Restored

The kingdom website was out of action for a few hours, starting yesterday evening.  Unfortunately, due to a breakdown in communication that occurred a few years back, there was some confusion at the hosting company over the ownership of the site, resulting in the temporary suspension.  This has now been resolved and the site is back up (obviously, since you are reading this).
My apologies for the interruption.  Full service should now be restored.
Raphe, Webmeister

Updated Law

Greetings unto the populace,
The newest update to Kingdom Law is now online go check it out!

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