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Reservations Form

If you are booking for yourself ONLY, please complete the Main Contact Details and leave the "Party Members" field blank.

If you are booking for a family group, please complete Main Contact Details for yourself and add the remainder of the party in the "Party Members" field. Only use this if you are travelling/paying as a group. Booking for a family/group assumes that all membersrequire the same accommodation/meals package. Where one person has different requirements (e.g. arriving on a different day), please so indicate in the "Any Other Information" field.

Do not use "Party Members" for friends that you wish to share a room with. Book for yourself and family/party only and add sharing requirements in "Any Other Information".

Main Contact Details

Enter your SCA name, including rank

Enter your real name

Please enter your SCA/SKA membership number

The event website will contain a list of all those who have booked to attend. Please indicate which, if any, names you are willing to have published.

Enter your email address

Please enter your postal address

If you are booking for more than one person, please give their details in this field (excluding your own), with one guest per line: Real Name, SCA Name, Member/Non-member, Adult/Child

Booking Requirements

Please select the event package you wish to book

Please select the duration of stay and accommodation required

Select the meals package you require. Prices are (Adult € / £, Child 3-14 € / £). Children 3 & under eat for free. Note that the event fee includes breakfasts and lunches. The above fees are for evening meals.

The site can provide bedding - sheets, pillows etc for additional cost. Please indicate if you wish this to be included.

The site can provide a ride from the town, at additional cost. Please indicate if you wish this to be included.

Please list any food intolerances or allergies that you have, and indicate the severity/sensitivity
(e.g. if allergy can be triggered by food being prepared in same room as allergen)

Please add any further information relevant to your booking.