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The Kingdom of Drachenwald is a regional branch for Europe, Middle East and Africa of the
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
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Signet Clerk

A scribe in the Society for Creative Anachronism is a person who creates the award scrolls that are given out by the King and Queen in court to a recipient. A scribe can either do Illumination or Calligraphy or as is often the case both to produce a unique and original work of art.

Scrolls in the SCA are not just works of art but are also official documentation of the award that was given out, sort of like that of a diploma. However, it should be noted that the style of scrolls generally given out are not typically 'period' and tend towards the style emulating pages from books of hours rather that true medieval style documents.

As a scribe it is your job to create a scroll for an individual. This is done on a volunteer basis and without people such as yourself this particular and delightful aspect of the SCA would not exist.

Drachenwald Signet Clerk

Lady Trinite Ducalon
(April Koenig)
12 Sage. Ave.
Downham Market, Norfolk PE 389UF, UK
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