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The Kingdom of Drachenwald is a regional branch for Europe, Middle East and Africa of the
Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA)
Earl Marshal
Arts and Sciences
Signet Clerk

Kingdom University

Ministry of Youth

Kingdom Specific documents


Each combatant must know these, if applicable!!

Armored combat    

Drachenwald Marshal's Handbook (last update - 29.1.2007)    

Drachenwald Fencing Rules (2007 V1)
Fencing Rules Appendix (2007 V1.3)

Rapier Marshal Handbook (Nov 2002)

  Draft (version 2.0) for Sidesword combat in Drachenwald

Draft (version 2.0) for Sidesword combat in Drachenwald

Fencing in Drachenwald (in English and Deutsch) PDF file    
Regeln für das Rapierfechten in Drachenwald:    
Academy of Defence (general info)  

Academy of Defence Info and Charter

Academy of Defence Charter    

Target Archery    
Drachenwald Archery Handbook PDF file    

Combat Archery    
Drachenwald Missile Combat Rules (last update 30-Jun-2003)

Documents showing only the changes to original SCA documents

Recommended design for APDs    
Recommended design for blunts    

Youth combat    
Youth combat handbook (Under review by Earl marshal)    

Equestrian Activities    
Equestrian handbook PDF file    

Siege engines    
Siege engine handbook PDF file    
Upcoming changes to regulations    
Currently no changes are planned    

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